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Parents and alcohol

Is it ok drinking some alkohol (for exampel : 1beer,1 glass of wine) when parent is alone with kid 2-3 years old?
Also when parent is living alone with kid?

Boy younger than 12

Svar fra ungrus.no 01.09.2021


I think all parents should ask themselves the question you are asking here.
How much alcohol, if any, can parents consume when they are together with their children? 

There is, however, not a simple answer to your question. People react differently to alcohol. Some change their behaviour after one or two drinks, while others can drink a lot more before anyone can notice it.
Usually, one beer or one drink of wine would be acceptable, but children are different too. Many children are not happy when a parent's behaviour change under influence of alcohol. If they have experienced frightening behaviour earlier from a parent or others who have been drinking, they can get anxious just by seeing their mother or father buying or opening a bottle of alcohol.
Children who live together with a single parent might be more vulnerable to the drinking habits of this person. Children are often very loyal to their parents, but if alcohol is a big issue at home, children should not hesitate to tell a grown-up they trust about the situation, either to a family-member or a nurse, a teacher or a social worker at school.
Children should not carry such burdens alone! 

If you are worried about the care of a kid who is 2 or 3 years of age, I will advise you to confide in a grown-up you trust.

Best regards,

Anne Wivestad



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